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ICEMELT™ deicing materials

ICY ROADS is one of the most acute problems in winter season which, in addition to increased rate of injuries, leads to significant loss.

ICEMELT™ DEICING MATERIALS represent an advanced approach to the solution of the problem associated with icy conditions of roads under any weather conditions and meet high environmental standards.

+ have high ice melting properties;
+ are efficient even under extreme winter conditions;
+ quickly remove ice and packed snow;
+ have reduced corrosive effect;
+ require low consumption;
+ are 100% friable;
+ are non-flammable, explosion-proof, fire-proof, and non toxic.

How do deicing agents work?

The principle of action of ICEMELT deicing agents consists in the fact that their granules, passing though snow-and-ice bodies, destroy the ice bond to the treated surface, thus preventing repeated ice formation until the next snowfall and/or sharp decrease in temperature.

Even on a completely ice-covered surface ICEMELT granules quickly melt ice, thus significantly facilitating the removal of residues of ice and packed snow. The concentrations of active components in ICEMELT product line are selected in such a way that no damage can be caused to the environment and, at the same time, the efficiency and ease of use are maintained.

The use of ICEMELT deicing agents has the following advantages:

+ As compared to other agents, they have less impact on asphalt covering;

+ They help to extend life of mechanical parts and components contacting deicing agents. Moreover, they have lower corrosive effect on metal;

+ They cause less damage to concrete supports; they have sparing effect on plants and do not alter their characteristics;

+ Calcium chloride-based agents of ICEMELT product line have quick effect, thus making their use more cost saving.

ICEMELT deicing agents meet strict environmental standards; they are packed in big bags or 25 kg bags and have long shelf life. As these deicing agents are fire-proof and explosion-proof, they can be stored outdoor as well. ICEMELT deicing agents can be transported by any means of transportation.