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Preparation for winter begins

Workforces of utility companies maintaining roadways and pedestrian grounds during winter time live on a special schedule. While the majority of Russians can enjoy the last warm days of summer, those workers waste no time preparing for the arrival of cold weather – they are checking equipment, purchasing Icemelt and anti-icing supplies.

Despite climate changes and an increase in average winter temperatures in most regions of Russia, specialists from the road maintenance industry, cleaning, service and manufacturing companies are preparing for the season as usual. In a blink of an eye, the night frosts will arrive, and then will the full-fledged cold. Even the routine crossings over freezing temperature of 0C are fraught with danger for both motorists and pedestrians. As a crust of ice develops, it impairs traction and leads to car accidents as well as falls and injuries on the streets and walkways.
More and more road workers and contractors involved in clearing the city streets, industrial and commercial areas from ice are switching to use the modern de-icers, such as Icemelt. Unlike outdated methods of dealing with winter slipperiness, these de-icers remain effective both at slight sub-zero temperatures, as well as in conditions of a real Russian winter – down to minus 31 degrees.

Official distributors are already stocking up Icemelt products in warehouses, and shipping it all over Russian regions and abroad. The effectiveness of Icemelt de-icers has been proven in practice, and more cities are abandoning the use of rock salt and sand-salt mixtures in favour of modern de-icers.

Anti-icing supplies offered by Zirax-PRO not only effectively fight ice, but they present no harm to the environment and cause no destruction to the road surfaces. Depending on the particular conditions of a given region and its typical winter temperatures, you can choose the Icemelt Power, which instantly melts ice at temperatures down to minus 31, or Icemelt Mix, which operates at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees.

Contact Zirax-PRO and our distributors, and we will expedite your order to any city in Russia and the CIS countries.