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Icemelt all over the planet!

The Icemelt brand of de-icing products by Zirax-PRO company are now available not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Europe, Asia and the Americas as the distribution network has grown and established new logistical channels. 

The advanced de-icer Icemelt fights winter slipperiness very effectively without harming nature and urban infrastructure. The pellets designed in a special way penetrate snow and melt the ice underneath, separating it from the road surface. This brings a very significant streamlining of clearing roads and pedestrian surfaces of slippery icing, no matter how cold it is outside.

Modern de-icers come with a significant benefit: they increase the service life of distribution equipment while not posing any negative effect on asphalt or concrete surfaces, or vehicles. 

Icemelt products are convenient for transportation, since they are packed in 25-kg bags, are fire and explosion proof, which means they can be delivered by any type of transport. In addition, Icemelt packaging allows them to be stored outdoors.

Place orders with our distributors and we will deliver your Icemelt order anywhere in the world!