Icemelt Mix
ICEMELT MIX is the best seller as it represents a balance between price and quality
In nature, everything is balanced and has certain predetermined parameters and laws to be observed to maintain life on the earth, and this is not a secret of the universe. This article will focus on ICEMELT MIX trademark product. This is a carefully selected, weighed, and balanced composition of natural components combined by simple mechanical mixing in order to achieve one goal: deicing! The temperature of its action is down to -20 * C; it is an affordable product for everyone; in terms of its characteristics, it effectively destroys and prevents ice and packed snow.

Moreover, such a product will help to get rid of precipitation during the day, the negative consequences of a sharp drop in temperature; you will just have to clean the surface of loose snow, distribute the material in accordance with the recommended consumption rates, and remove the residues of destroyed ice. The principle of action of this material is simple as everything smart! From the moment of distribution of the deicing material on the surface, calcium chloride, the active component (which is used in a big number of areas of people's life, including healthcare, and which is absolutely safe) almost immediately starts its action as a heat drill that melts snow, ice, packed snow and generates water; then, usual natural salt joins the process: it does not allow the formation of ice and reduces the amount of snow falling on the treated area.

Today, the use of deicing materials does not raise questions about the great efficiency of their action; all large cities are switching to the use of deicing materials: for instance, let's take St. Petersburg, a historical architectural monument with numerous museums, buildings, and structures built during the time of Peter the Great.

For several seasons the city has been using ICEMELT trademark deicing agents; these products do not destroy the facades of buildings, and the corrosion inhibitor added to the composition significantly reduces the level of corrosive activity and the impact on metal structures of buildings and infrastructure facilities of the city.

In addition to this, the use of this material has a good effect, as it reduces the environmental load on the soil through the removal of salt by calcium compounds bringing it deep into the soil and evenly distributing it in the structure of the ground, without the formation of salt marshes; this is evidenced by tests and conclusions of expert environmental services, and, on the package of ICEMELT products there is a green leaf logo to demonstrate this.